Our Mission:

To provide experience, expertise and innovation in all facets of design, engineering, animation and deployment of interactive educational and marketing tools delivered via myriad physical and digital venues. To bring an entirely new approach to design, engineering and development for multiple industries by creating functional, interactive business, educational and marketing deliverables based on unprecedented expertise with artistry and technology.

Our Story:

Banner Mountain Creative was founded in the year 2000. Born of a technology consulting firm, the company was created with specific objectives in mind.

Expertise was our starting point. Multimedia design and engineering and even print properties have been undergoing an amazing technological evolution over the last decade. Beginning with experience and expertise has allowed us to continually innovate as the technology changes and becomes more refined. From our early days of hand coding, through creating work-flow management systems and custom hand coded Internet applications, to social media integration, the open source revolution, and responsive websites that adapt to any device - we maintain a rigorous continued education schedule guaranteeing that Banner Mountain Creative can get our client's creative vision converted to reality quickly, inexpensively... with elegance and style.

Banner Mountain Creative has, over the last decade, exceeded expectations, beaten deadlines and shown demonstrable return on investment for our clients. All design, animation, engineering,  video editing and encoding, photography, photo retouch, programming and production is done “in-house” at Banner Mountain Creative by certified experts in their respective fields.

Banner Mountain Creative provides guaranteed quotes and will not submit a change order document unless previously approved by our clients in writing. We work on a project basis - not hourly. Our ability to accurately quote projects stems from our experience in project management through client project briefings - before design and engineering begins. At the completion of projects, Banner Mountain Creative clients are given archives of all design files and software code. This approach, with its conspicuously absent encumbering long term agreements have allowed Banner Mountain Creative to enjoy mutually profitable, long term relationships with our clients.