Motion - animation, audio / video post production and motion graphics. Storyboarding, scripting, camera and animation blocking and designing new workflows that include all facets of pre and post production. Whether used as sweetening on websites, as a presentation tool in court or as motion graphics for integration into video or film, Banner Mountain Creative creates video with the same principles instilled in our other disciplines of expertise. Banner Mountain Creative has created animations for the United States Army Missile Defense Organization, Kaiser Permanente, and of course the literally hundreds of revolutionary, patented 3D, user navigable mannequin heads used in courses and webinars. In addition, we have been producing 3D animations, evidentiary videos, video enhancement and exhibit graphics shown in both civil and criminal court for an Forensic Expert Witness over the last 10 years.

Educational Portal Promotional Video - Motion Graphics, Full Production, Producer, Audio Editing and Engineering, Post-Production

Aerial view of Tahoe crashing into patrol car - Storyboard, Producer, Titles, Overlays, Post Production

Beauty Tour Show Open - Full Production, Storyboard, Motion Graphics, Titles, Overlays, Audio Engineering.

Kaiser Pediatric Series, Allergies - Full Production, Audio Editing and Engineering, Motion Graphics, Titles, Post Production

1980's Belgian Documentary "The Arrest of Heinrich Himmler" - Motion Graphics - English Subtitles

Kaiser Pediatric Series, Nutrition - Full Production, Audio Editing and Engineering, Motion Graphics, Titles, Post Production

Explorer vs. Scion Accident with Baby on Board - Storyboard, Camera Design, Producer, Audio Engineering, Titles, Overlays, Post Production.

Theater Company Promotional Video - Full Production, Motion Graphics, Audio Engineering, Post Production

Garbage Truck vs. Pedestrian Accident - Storyboard, Producer, Motion Graphics, Titles, Overlays, Post Production

3D Visualization of Officer Involved Shooting - Storyboard, Producer, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing and Engineering, Post Production